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We are people who are looking for new ways of practicing Holy Communion.  By joining, you will gain access to resources for worship, and discussion among people who are working on similar projects, with similar concerns and hopes. There is no charge to join this community. 

Have you read the book?

This site is an extension of the book Recovering Communion in a Violent World: Resistance, Resilience, and Risk.  It’s meant to provide resources and community support for people who are working toward new practices of Holy Communion.  If you haven’t read the book yet, we recommend that you do so before wading into this site.  Conversations and resources will make more sense, and you’ll seem less like someone who arrived at the theater during the intermission. You can get a copy of the book here. 

Also, we do have some community guidelines.

This site is meant for the sharing of ideas and support.  We will not always agree, but it’s crucial that we treat each other with respect.  The point is to support each other and share resources, after all.  To that end:

  • Feel free to disagree, but please refrain from personal attacks.
  • If the whole book just makes you mad and you’re sure that all of the people here are going to hell, there are other places to vent. Write a review on Amazon.  Find our Facebook page.  Trolls entering here will be given a dark place under a bridge where they can lurk and grumble, guarded by a gruff-looking billy goat.
  • Many of the resources on this site are free, but please include attribution.  That is, if you can find a way to give credit where credit is due, even in paperless worship, do it.  Especially if you share worship materials with others, be sure you are not claiming them as yours (even if you have modified them).

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