Belovedcommunion.org is a conversation that grew out of a book.

About the Book

Recovering Communion in a Violent World provides a challenging examination of how the ritual practice of reenacting the violence done to Jesus in Holy Communion can shape our instincts for living. Even as it critiques this aspect of the sacrament, however, the book offers biblical alternatives for a radical renewal of the Christian meal. Grounded in a theology of resilience, this project ultimately calls the church back to riskier communion practices that refuse to reenact the violence of crucifixion, focusing instead on practices that nurture openness, generosity, and the ability to find God in the other, even in the face of violence.

The result is a scholarly exploration that is both unflinching in its critique and passionate in its argument for the place of renewed sacramental meal practices in the church’s life and ministry. In an era when world religions have come under greater scrutiny as sources of violence, this book asks readers to look squarely at the reenactment of violence that has come to narrowly define Holy Communion for so long and imagine that more radical and generous practices are possible.

About This Site

Belovedcommunion.org is an outgrowth of the book.  It was launched to support communities and individuals who have engaged the book and want to try new ways of doing Holy Communion in their community of faith.  The site provides resources and a platform for conversation.  If you are interested in joining this conversation, please read the book first, and then visit the join us page.

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About the Author

Dr. Christopher Grundy currently serves as Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship and Associate Dean for the Chapel at Eden Theological Seminary in St Louis. He is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ. Dr. Grundy earned a B. A. in philosophy from Carleton College and an MDiv. from Union Theological Seminary in New York City.  After serving as a pastor of local congregations in Iowa and Kansas, he earned an M.T.S. and PhD. from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.  In addition to Recovering Communion in a Violent World, he is also a co-author of  The Work of the People: What We Do in Worship and Why.

Dr. Grundy is also a songwriter and recording artist.  You can learn more about his music at www.christophergrundy.com.